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Call for more details: 07967 289346

Call for more details: 07967 289346

Our product is currently leading the UK market for flat roofing, gutter lining and balconies.

The whole system is cold applied thus avoiding heat or flame and messy tar boilers. The system carries a 20 years warranty and has a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

Further highlights of EPDM include:

1: More than 1 Billion square metres has been installed world-wide from Alaska to the Arabian Gulf and their extremes of temperature,

2: EPDM rubber has unmatched resistance to ozone and UV radiation,

3: EPDM rubber is flexible (unlike many other roofing systems) and will therefore accommodate any building movement

4: Greenpeace have acknowledged EPDM rubber as the most environmentally friendly flat roofing system.

If you do have a flat roof project in mind, or to price, then please ring us with the roof sizes and details.

We will come and give you a no obligation quotation for the works to be carried out.

A correctly installed EPDM roof has been scientifically proven to last up to 50 years. Chicago Airport's EPDM roof that was installed in the 60's is still going strong to this day!

With Britain's climate recently becoming more erratic around our summer and winter months, the effect it is having upon felt flat roofs is devastating resulting in cracks within the asphalt, the weather will have no impact upon an EPDM roof as rubber can expand and contract when needed.

Cracks can also appear upon a felt flat roof if there is any subsidence within the building, rubber allways remains flexible and would therefore “move” with the subsidence.

On your average flat roof, EPDM rubber will have no joins decreasing any opportunity for leakage compared to a matrix of joins used in felt installation. Not only this but with no joins, EPDM looks incredibly pleasing to the eye, and when correctly installed looks very smart and attractive for your house or work premises, something I believe felt just doesn't quite do!


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